Are your cables at risk of snapping?

Cables At Risk

Sectional garage doors need two cables to lift the door. These cables are attached to the bottom panel at either side of the door, and run all the way to the top of the door.

A number of things can go wrong with the cables of a garage door including fraying cables, wear and tear, rusting and kinking. If the cables aren’t maintained they can snap causing the door to suddenly drop, reducing access to the garage and causing more damage to the door, guide rails, hinges and motor.

If cables snap or break, it can also cause damage to people, cars or anything else near the cables as they hold quite a lot of tension. With cables it’s really important to look out for potential issues and get them fixed straight away.

Some signs to look out for that may indicate cable failure include;

  • having a slight gap at the bottom of your garage door,
  • frayed wire,
  • broken wire strands,
  • loose or twisted cable,
  • signs of wear including rust and kinks.

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