Is your Garage Door Cable frayed or broken? You might need a Cable Replacement.

Sectional Garage Doors need two cables to lift the door. These cables are attached to the bottom panel at either side of the door, and run all the way to the top of the door.

A number of things can go wrong with the cables of a garage door causing the Garage Door Cables to need replacing including:

  • Snapping
  • Wear and Tear
  • Fraying
  • Slipping from the drum which the cables are wound around

What are some of the signs you might need a Cable Replacement?

Issues with a cable generally results in the garage door closing on an angle. Not only does this compromise security and look unappealing, it also puts pressure on the opposite cables, hinges, rollers, tracks and motor rail, potentially causing further damage.

Cables hold a lot of tension, so when they snap, they can potentially damage your door, cars and even injure people if they happen to be standing near by. Don’t take the risk. Have A1 Doors repair your garage door today.

Signs that your garage door cable may be about to break include

  • having a slight gap at the bottom of your garage door,
  • frayed wire,
  • broken wire strands,
  • loose or twisted cable,
  • or show signs of wear including rust and kinks.

If you see any of these signs call A1 Doors who will come out and inspect the cables and if required replace any cables to avoid any further damage caused by the cables snapping.

All cables used by A1 Doors are stainless steel, preventing rust; have strong aluminium ferrules; are long lasting; maintenance free and are made on site to ensure the correct size.

Once the cables have been replaced A1 Doors will adjust the tension of the springs and level the door if required.

For a professional job, call A1 Doors today.

Why choose A1 Garage Door Repair Perth?

  • Fast, Affordable Service
  • Cables are made on site so they are always the right size
  • High Quality Cable
  • Priority Appointments Available
  • I will come at a time that suits you — appointments available from 7am