Panel Damage can occur for a number of reasons including bad weather, obstructions, scratches or bends, damage can even occur from cars, either reversing into the door or driving into it.

Panel damage can be unsightly and in some cases of bent or dented doors, can stop your garage door from operating properly.

The good news is that some panel damage can be fixed without needing to replace parts of your door, dents and bends can be mended by gently beating and reshaping the existing panel.

For more significant damage replacing panels is also an option. A1 Doors has a large number of suppliers so we are able to match styles and colours to your existing door.

A1 Doors specialises in getting your door back in working order in the quickest amount of time possible. For panel damage, especially that caused by cars backing into the garage door your solution could be a quick fix with reshaping the door, and ordering replacement panels for doors with significant damage.

Call A1 Doors to discuss your options and arrange a suitable time for me to visit.

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