Remote Controls

Remote Controls, also known as Remote Transmitters and Key FOBs are one of the most important components of an Automatic Garage Door, without the remote you can’t operate the door. Sometimes things can go wrong with remote controls including;

  • flat batteries
  • programming issues
  • remotes get lost or stolen
  • remotes get damaged or become faulty
  • button faults or damage

Sometimes you may just want an extra remote controls as a spare, as a backup or to give to family and friends.

A1Doors supply a HUGE range or remote controls for almost any garage door motor. We can supply and code new remotes into your garage door for you, or if you are comfortable coding remotes into garage door motors we can send the remotes to you in the Mail via Australia Post.

If you have had a remote control stolen or lost and are concerned about the security of you home, we can visit your property and delete all the remote controls off your garage door motor so that the lost or stolen remotes will no longer open your garage door, we then reprogram the remotes that you wish to use and any new remotes that you require into the garage door motor.

For all your Garage Door and Remote Control needs, Call us now.