A1 Doors is your local Garage Door repair specialist with a focus on providing great service at an affordable price. Even if you don’t know what’s wrong with your door A1 Doors can help you with all your garage door needs.

Some of the services we provide include:

Roller Shutters

Are you looking for a custom fit Roller Shutters that will increase the security and value of your home for years to come? 

We can create Roller Shutters to fit any window, providing protection to your home, business or investment property. 

Call us today for a free quote!

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A1 Doors is experienced in the repair of all major motors.

There are a number of things that can fail inside a motor including the cogs, sprocket assemblies and circuit boards. We carry most parts with us so that we can repair the issue on site, rather than replace the whole motor.

If you require a new motor we have a range of motors available to suit the size of your garage door and your budget.

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Did you know you are supposed to service your garage door regularly?

Servicing your garage door helps to minimise wear and damage, reduce future repair costs and identifies problems before they become big issues. Servicing your garage door will also help ensure it runs smoothly and quietly.

Some parts, springs and cables in particular can snap unexpectedly, this can damage your car and even injure people if they happen to be nearby at the time, don’t take the risk, get your garage door serviced by a professional today.

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How annoying is it, to get home and have to spend a few minutes trying to find the ‘right spot’ on your garage door remote so that it opens? Or having to get out of your car to open the garage door? Don’t put up with it, get it fixed today!

A1 Garage Door Repair is able to help you with a number of problems including Faulty Remotes, New Remotes, Unprogrammed Remotes, Replacement Remotes and Lost/Stolen Remotes.

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Spring Replacement

Garage door springs are what makes the door go up and down. Due to wear and tear springs can snap causing your door to get stuck in a closed position.

When replacing garage door springs it is important that a garage doors springs are the correct size for the door and the correct tension. A1 Doors are able to supply and install garage door springs that are suited to your size of the garage door.

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Cable Replacement

Sectional Garage Doors need two cables to lift the door. These cables are attached to the bottom panel at either side of the door, and run all the way to the top of the door.

Issues with a cable generally results in the garage door closing on an angle. Not only does this compromise security and look unappealing, it also puts pressure on the opposite cables, hinges, rollers, tracks and motor rail, potentially causing further damage. Cables hold a lot of tension, so when they snap, they can potentially damage your door, cars and even injure people if they happen to be standing near by.

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Panel Damage

Panel Damage can occur for a number of reasons including bad weather, obstructions, scratches or bends, damage can even occur from cars, either reversing into the door or driving into it.

A1 Doors specialises in getting your door back in working order in the quickest amount of time possible. For panel damage, especially that caused by cars backing into the garage door your solution could be a quick fix with reshaping the door, and ordering replacement panels for doors with significant damage.

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Roller Doors

Roller doors operate on a door curtain, rolling up around a drum.

Roller Doors experience a number of issues including incorrect motor settings can cause the door to reverse, un-serviced doors can jam in the tracks, causing the door to stick, fatigued springs can cause the door to become heavy to lift and put strain on the motor. The felts on the side of the door can also wear which causes the door movements to become rough.

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Noisy or Squeaky Garage Doors

A noisy door can indicate a number of things that might need attention with your garage  door including dry hinges, a loose chain, worn bearings, worn rollers or worn sprockets. Fixing these issues is important as it provides preventative maintenance, reduces future repair costs and keeps the door operating quiet and smooth.

Call me today if you have a noisy garage door.


Hinges are an important part of a sectional garage door, They house the rollers and support the weight of the door as it runs along the guides. Hinges are subject to a significant amount of vibration and can crack and break over time, which can cause further damage to other parts of the door.

Most hinges are made from either nylon or steel.

The brand of your garage door is important when ordering hinges as there are many different types. Knowing the make of your garage door when booking a service will help to ensure that we can bring the correct hinges.

If your door has a broken hinge call me today to book an appointment.


Rollers are the nylon wheels that are attached to each panel and manoeuvre the door along the metal tracks. As they are a moving part rollers can pop out of the tracks. They also have a bearing that is subject to wear. Rollers are fundamental in the smooth operation of the door and if left unfixed they can become noisy.

I carry with me a range of different sized rollers so that I can fix your door with the least amount of downtime.

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A garage door chain connects the motor to the garage door. Over time chains become slack which can cause a rattling noise. A loose chain might also cause the chain to slip from the sprocket, stopping the door from operating automatically.

Call me today if your garage door chain is causing you issues.

Supply and Install New Garage Doors

Garage Doors do many things for a home, not only do they help increase the street appeal of your home and add value, they also improve the security of your home, protecting your family and securing your back yard. Garage Doors also provide added security to your vehicle as it removes street access and adds convenience with remote control entry.

New Garage Doors are custom made and are available in a wide range of styles and colours to suit your requirements. Every quote comes with a free consultation to discuss the options and styles available.

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