Is your garage door not opening? Is your car stuck in the garage and you can’t get it out? It could be your garage door springs and you might need a spring replacement.

Garage door springs are what makes the door go up and down. Due to wear and tear springs can snap causing your door to get stuck in a closed position.

When replacing garage door springs it is important that a garage’ springs are the correct size for the door and the correct tension. A1 Doors are able to supply and install garage door springs that are suited to your size of the garage door.

Broken springs are not the only problem you can experience with springs, correct tension is critical for the effective functioning of a garage door and motor.

If the spring tension is incorrect it can cause the motors force settings to activate, preventing the garage door form opening and closing.

Spring tension effects a number of other components of your garage door. If the tension is incorrect it can put strain on the motor accelerating component wear as well as cause cables to become slack, move position and become ineffective.

If you have problems with your garage door call A1 Doors today for honest, helpful advice on garage door spring replacement and how best to fix your garage door.

Why choose A1 Garage Door Repair Perth?

  • I carry a range of different sized springs so that I can fix most doors on the spot, meaning less down time for you.
  • Priority appointments available
  • I will come at a time that suits you- appointments available from 7am
  • Affordable prices