Why should you invest in battery backup?

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We have had a few enquiries lately about the benefits of battery backup for your garage door.

Available on a wide range of openers, a battery back up kit allows you to use your garage door when the power is out.

This is particularly useful if you rely on your garage door, or if you aren’t capable of lifting the garage door without assistance.

When the power is out, the system will automatically use the battery backup when power is lost, and will recharge, when the power returns.

Avoid having to use the emergency pull cord, or the difficulty with trying to re-engage the opener back to automatic mode once the power is back on with a battery back up.

It also ensures peace of mind, knowing that you (or your family) won’t get caught out – stuck in your garage.

If you would like to know more about battery back up kits, or if we have one available to suit your garage door, we’d love to help you out.